Addition of On Track

The On Track! program addresses the core life skills areas in an 8-week program developed to empower and educate youth participants ages 16-25 years of age. On Track! is positioned as an intervention and prevention model to train participants with the essential life skills to empower them to be more self-aware and able to identify their challenges. The program focuses on decision making, problem solving, interpersonal relationships and effective communication.

The On Track! program is a participant-led collaborative approach. The online group sessions are supported by certified coaches. On Track! meets participants in the present moment and focuses on the future, helping participants to clarify goals, identify obstacles, and create their individual process oriented towards action and results.

The On Track! Program is a collaboration with our community partner LACA, a Los Angeles, CA based provider. Program participants meet in a virtual space to share, discuss, and find common solutions and support for their experiences. Additional LACA sessions are also available for couples and families